The basis for our contractual relationship are the General Terms and Conditions applicable at the time. The fee will be charged according to the time actually spent. The rates below are net amounts, the value-added tax will be added.

You can significantly influence the charged fee by preparing the documents accordingly. I would be happy to support you in the optimal structuring of your documents and accounting.

Furthermore I offer my clients flat rates for the respective services. These are determined depending on the estimated time required and evaluated after six months.

Book keeping & cost accounting

EUR 60,00 / hour

  • Booking of all documents (incoming invoices, outgoing invoices, cash register, bank, etc.)
  • Preparation of the preliminary VAT return (UVA) & the recapitulative statement (ZM)
  • Preparation of a statement of operations & open item lists
  • Cost accounting reporting (individual statements, period comparisons, budget calculations, etc.)

Flate rate from EUR 120,00 / month


Financial & cash-based accounting

EUR 85,00 / hour

  • Preparation of the balance sheet/profit & loss account
  • Cash-based accounting
  • Submitting the financial statements to the companies register court
  • Preparation of the documents for the yearly tax returns

Flate rate from EUR 350,00



EUR 85,00 / hour

  • Organize the accounting
  • Accounting & payroll accounting
  • Support with tax-based questions
  • Social security questions
  • Financial consulting & reports
  • Trainings & setup of BMD 5.5/NTCS & Excel