My name is Mario Barišić and I am available to you at anytime for all matters concerning accounting, cost and payroll accounting and taxes. I offer my services in German, English and Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian. As I have longtime experience in supporting companies and organizations with various sizes, I am the ideal partner to solve your tasks and problems.

Do not hesitate to contact me for a free and informal initial consultation.

About me

Mario Barišić

Personal information

born 1987 in Vienna
married & 3 children
interested in technology, IT & DIY


Work experience

6 years accountant in the IT & electronics branch
3 years chief accountant for various branches at a mid-size tax consultant office
Since 2016 Head of Accounting & Payments for a non-profit public corporatoin
Since 2018 self-employed chief accountant

Education & trainng

05/2007 degree business academy Donausstadt
06/2013 exam chief accountant
07/2014 exam payroll accounting
09/2014 public chief accountant
2019 manager seminar